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This is the FINAL crowdfund to COMPLETE the production of our AMAZING lying in politics docuseries, directed by Marcus J Ball!

by Radiator Productions Ltd. in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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On the 29th February 2024 we'd raised £101,044 with 2965 supporters in 251 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

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Reaching £134,285 will ensure the highest possible production values for the film, and pay for the film's premiere. If we don't rase enough money the film will not be completed successfully. 




This docuseries is going to completely change the way the public see lying in politics!

At present, it's seen as an inevitable part of our democratic system. But it's time to change this.

This docuseries analyses what lying in politics really is, how it's done, and why it's so damaging to our society on an international scale (USA, UK, France, China, Ancient Greece). It explains the problem for all to see, like never before, and reveals how VITAL it is that it is made illegal.

This docuseries will also expose Boris Johnson like never before. He will be dreading this being released.


This is not just a movie:  Because after the docuseries is sold the plan is to use the funds from the sale to pay for a second prosecution case against lying in politics.

The mission is the same as it always has been: Defend the public and our democracy by setting a precedent against lying in politics.

This docuseries is something really special. It will be a watershed moment in democratic, and legal history. I want you to be part of this with me by becoming a financier of the docuseries!

Note: The footage on this page is early footage, not final footage. The final docuseries will be professionally colour graded, edited, and animated by a post production house (the final stage of production). There will also be improvements in music, b-roll, and etc. 


This docuseries isn't even finished yet, but it has already been splashed as front page news by the Mail on Sunday. 

This is incredibly unusual for any documentary and it's a sign of the huge coverage we expect it to attract on release.

The claim about Lineker is based upon fabricated information. Mr Lineker has not asked us to be removed from the docuseries. It should be noted that Mr Johnson works for the Mail now.

The docuseries was then attacked on national  news (GB News) by Conservative MP and presenter, Jacob Rees-Mogg.

The original prosecution case received global press coverage, too. We expect this to occur again when the exclusive stories we're releasing in the docuseries are finally revealed.


Because he knows what this film is going to reveal. It's the story of something he did in 2020 that has so far been kept completely secret. It is the worst thing he has ever done. The whole country, the whole world, will be disgusted by it. And we have the exclusive story.



In 2020, Boris Johnson MP was prosecuted for alleged misconduct in public office making global headlines. The purpose of the case was to prove in the criminal law, for the first time in UK History, that lying in politics was illegal. I am Marcus J Ball, the private prosecutor who built the case, gathered the evidence, raised the money, and recruited the legal team.

This docuseries reveals what happened to our prosecution case behind the scenes, how it was sabotaged, and what must be done to get our case back into court.  It tells the story of how I was left with £250,000 worth of court debt costs, which I have shouldered now for over 4 years.

This docuseries is part of our mission: It will set the record straight on our case, and start a global movement to make lying in politics illegal. It will also expose and hold to account Boris Johnson and other lying politicians, like never before.



This is not just a documentary docuseries. Our purpose is much bigger: it is to uncover the lying in politics problem like never before and raise the funds required to pay for a second prosecution case against it. This time around, we'll be going into court with all of the experience and lessons learned from last time. As well as a lot more evidence, for a bigger, better case.



When we're done with post production we'll be showing our film to Netflix, Submarine, and WildBear Entertainment (who have all asked to see our roughcut). There is clearly going to be a lot of demand for such a timely and important docuseries.




After getting advice from industry professionals and considering how much money we're asking for I've decided to change our financial strategy. The plan now is to work with freelancers directly, instead of a post production house (too expensive). 


Our secondary crowdfunding page can be found here:

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(In short, backers have no legal, financial, or other liabilities and all risk is absorbed by Marcus J Ball, Stop Lying In Politics Ltd, and Radiator Productions Ltd. but please do read them!)




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