Tactical voting to rejoin the EU

by Stay European in London, Greater London, United Kingdom Tactical voting to rejoin the EU

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Rating every candidate's track record on the EU

by Stay European in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

With the General Election date finally announced for 4 July, the main political parties are still trying to avoid talking about Brexit. None will have rejoining the EU in their manifesto.

But there are many good candidates in each party with a pro-EU track record - plus new parties, independent challengers and others.

That's where comes in: tactical voting to rejoin the EU.

Every candidate rated

This campaign, run by Rejoin group Stay European, will rate every General Election candidate based on their track record, as well as asking them for written pledges. Are they a Brexiter, pro-EU, or full Rejoin?

We will then put this data together with tactical voting recommendations from our friends in the Tactical Voting Coalition ( to focus on seats with pro-EU candidates who have a high chance to win.

The aim is to maximise the number of Rejoin and pro-EU candidates elected to Parliament, as the next step towards rejoining the EU.

Tactical voting is what we call 'hybrid' tactical voting. It is not purely about support for our policy, and nor is it simply traditional tactical voting.

We will endeavour to avoid clashes with other tactical voting websites, which is part of the point of being a member of the Tactical Voting Coalition.

As well as making recommendations for each set with a postcode lookup, we will also identify key Rejoin target seats - that is, winnable seats with a rejoiner candidate - so that our movement can focus its resources there.

Rejoin the EU

There isn't a way to get a Rejoin government out of this election. But we can maximise support for Rejoin in Parliament after the election.

That will be hugely important in a context where the Brexit Tory party has, fingers crossed, been heavily defeated.

Politicians will overnight go from scared to mention Brexit to realising that Brexit was a huge part of the succession of crises that led to a massive Tory defeat.

With the fear of mentioning Brexit out of the way, we can start to put huge pressure on the next government to move closer to the EU. The more supporters we have in Parliament, the better.

So: that's the plan. Please support!

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