Crowdfunder's Fees

Date of posting: 28 / 09 / 2021

What are the fees?**

Crowdfunder's mission is to tackle society's challenges through crowdfunding and our variable fees model helps us to achieve this. 

Any fee we do charge helps us to improve our website for our community by adding new features that give people the best possible chance of making their ideas happen. It also helps us to increase our performance so that we provide the best possible platform for crowdfunding your great ideas.

These fees vary depending on what type of project you are raising funds for so please read carefully the information below and make sure you choose the correct option when adding your project. If you do not select the correct option, Crowdfunder will charge you the correct fee based on your project type.

Project Type Platform Fee + VAT Transaction Fee Tipping +Extra Funding Fee
Charities and charity fundraisers 0% 1.9% + 20p (per pledge) + VAT on UK/EU cards* Optional 5% + VAT**
Not-for-profit community projects, social enterprises, sports clubs and personal causes 0% 2.4% + 20p (per pledge) + VAT on UK/EU cards* Optional 5% + VAT**
For-profit sports groups, for-profit campaigns, for-profit businesses and legal/regulatory proceedings projects 5% 2.4% + 20p (per pledge) + VAT on UK/EU cards* Optional 5% + VAT**
Big Impact Project 5% 2.4% + 20p (per pledge) + VAT on UK/EU cards* Optional 5% + VAT**
Community Shares 5% 2.4% + 20p (per pledge) + VAT on UK/EU cards* Optional 5% + VAT**

To see examples of how these fees impact the amount of funding you receive see this help centre article

* 3.25% + 25p (per pledge) + VAT on non-EEA cards

** Unless we notify you otherwise

Platform fee-free projects

For charities and charity fundraisers

Charity projects and charity fundraisers are not charged a platform fee by Crowdfunder. Instead we offer your supporters the opportunity to pay an optional ‘tip’ (see more information below) which is re-invested into Crowdfunder, so we can help more projects like yours.

Platform Fee: Zero

Transaction Fee: 1.9% + 20p (per pledge) + VAT on UK/EU cards / 3.25% + 25p (per pledge) + VAT on non-EEA cards

Charities and Charity Fundraisers

We do not charge any platform fees for individuals who set up their charity fundraiser project using our ‘Charity Fundraiser’ service. Crowdfunder has over 20,000 registered charities active on our platform which means anyone can choose the charity that means the most to them and get a fundraiser set up in minutes.

If you are a charity and want to accept donations directly from fundraisers and direct donors then please start by checking if you are already registered with Charities Trust and therefore on our system already. Start here for that service. The charity you’re fundraising for must be registered in the UK with the Charity Commission.

For not-for-profit community projects, social enterprises, sports clubs and personal causes

Platform Fee: Zero

Transaction Fee: 2.4% + 20p (per pledge) + VAT on UK/EU cards / 3.25% + 25p (per pledge) + VAT on non-EEA cards

Fundraising for a Personal Cause

Crowdfunder is committed to doing everything we can to help people in crisis. Many people are turning to Crowdfunder to quickly raise money for good - but maybe unexpected - personal causes. Things such as medical, funeral, education or veterinary bills are a good example of personal crowdfunding projects. You will need to register your bank account with us so we can transfer funds directly to you when your project closes.

Note: Fees will apply for projects that directly or indirectly relate to legal, regulatory or similar proceedings.

Platform fee projects

For for-profit sports groups, for-profit campaigns, community shares, for-profit businesses and legal/regulatory proceedings projects

For-profit projects with rewards and donations, including legal projects, community share projects and big impact projects (raising over £50k) attract Crowdfunder and transaction fees.

Platform Fee: 5% + VAT

Transaction Fee: 2.4% + 20p (per pledge) + VAT on UK/EU cards / 3.25% + 25p (per pledge) + VAT on non-EEA cards

For-profit Crowdfunding Projects

If you’re looking to make your idea happen through crowdfunding, we’re with you every step of the way. With online guides, support and coaching tips we’ll help you make your dream a reality.

Big Impact Crowdfunding

If you’re looking to make a BIG IMPACT through crowdfunding and you need more than £50,000 to make your idea happen then get in touch. We’re invested in your success so we will assign one of our expert coaches to support your project.

Projects with Community Shares

If you’re running a project which requires your community to purchase shares we will help you get everything you need, including the support of partners to help you along the way. We’re invested in your success so we will assign one of our expert coaches to support your project. For more information regarding Community Shares, please see Section C of our Terms of Use.

More about fees

There are four types of fee that may apply to your fundraise:

A platform fee

A card transaction fee

An +Extra Funding fee

An optional tip

Platform fee

On for-profit projects, community shares and Big Impact projects Crowdfunder charges a standard 5% of the total money raised by projects to invest into the platform so we can support more projects like yours.

Card transaction fee

Crowdfunder charges a card payment processing fee of 1.9% or 2.4% on the amount you raise, plus 20p and VAT on each pledge made. If using a non-EEA card (for example, pledging from the US) the fee is 3.25%, plus 25p and VAT.

+Extra Funding fee

A platform fee of 5% + VAT will apply to any match funding you receive from our partners, unless we notify you otherwise. Pledges from our +Extra Funding partners are not subject to Transaction Fees.

For more information regarding +Extra Funding, please see Section B of our Terms of Use.


Crowdfunder enables supporters to pay a little extra to help support Crowdfunder in its mission to tackle society's challenges by making ideas happen. As a supporter pledges they may also donate an optional tip.

What are the different funding options available?

There are two different funding methods for projects:

All or Nothing - You will only receive your pledges if you hit your project target. This is best suited to projects that need to reach a set target in order to deliver their aims.

Keep What You Raise - You will keep all your pledges, whether your project hits your target or not.

‘All or Nothing’ projects generally raise more money but you do have to hit your target. ‘Keep What You Raise’ means you’ll keep all the money pledged by your supporters, but you’ll also have to fulfil all rewards no matter how much or how little is pledged.

What funds will I receive?

With ‘All or Nothing’ funding, a project is only successful if it hits its target, and will receive all funds raised minus relevant fees. If it is unsuccessful no funds will be received and supporters will be refunded. All ‘Keep What You Raise’ projects that raise any funds are considered successful, and will receive any funds raised minus relevant fees.

When will the money arrive?

You will receive the pledge payments automatically once the project has closed successfully. Project supporters will be charged at the time of making their pledge and the funds will be transferred to you (or the charity you are fundraising for) once the project closes successfully. Payments will reach the specified bank account within 7 working days after the project has closed. Registered charities you are raising money for using our ‘Charity Fundraiser’ service will receive funds 6-8 weeks in their accounts via the Charities Trust.

Please note that the funds will only be transferred once your ID has been verified against your bank account details. You can check if your ID has been successfully verified in your project dashboard.

What happens if I don't reach my project target?

All or Nothing – If you don't hit your project target, the money pledged will be refunded to your supporters. Your supporters will be notified by email that the project has not reached its target and they will therefore be refunded. You will not be charged any fees if an 'All or Nothing' project does not reach its target.

Keep What You Raise – You will receive any funds pledged on your project regardless of whether you reach your target or not. Your supporters will receive an email informing them when the project has closed.

How long can I run my project for?

Projects can run for a maximum of 8 weeks (56 days), but we believe the optimal duration for a crowdfunding project is 4 weeks (28 days). There is always a spike of activity at the beginning and end of a project, so keeping your fundraiser relatively short allows you to maintain fundraising momentum.

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Our Help Centre is packed with lots of useful information.

**The fees on this page apply to projects added from 28 September 2021 onwards. The fees for projects added prior to this date are unchanged.